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Door Entry and Access Control

T&S maintain, repair and upgrade a broad range of door entry and access control systems specifically designed to meet your organisation’s security needs and operating requirements.

Door Entry and Access Control: What We Do

Precise control mechanisms include key holder operated remote or programmable access control mechanisms. We supply them individually, or as part of an integrated hybrid system, which might combine central control and swipe card access to multiple sites.

We work with various market leading manufacturers such as Elvox, GDX, Entrotec and Urmet, to name but a few.

T&S engineers will happily work with your company to resolve any issues that you may have:

  • Audio and video entry systems, available in analogue, digital and isolated call.
  • GSM & IP entry systems
  • Programmable access control
  • Token & swipe card systems
  • Visitor control
  • Car park access
  • Networked door entry through broadband or telecoms
  • Management reporting functions

We offer reactive and proactive maintenance packages and are happy to work with existing systems, or design innovative solutions that will match the needs of older buildings.

Door Entry and Access Control: Our Locksmith Service

T&S is also able to provide a complete locksmiths service to back up our technical systems.

We are committed to designing systems that work with common protocols which enables us to offer integrated systems which incorporate industry standard communication formats, thereby streamlining installation and equipment costs while minimising ongoing support costs.

We consider all the possible aspects of the systems or equipment proposed, capital cost, technical performance, through life costs, reliability and ease of maintenance, before making our recommendations to our customers, whether this is for conventional systems or for digital isolated systems.

Our designed systems are specific to varying conditions/locations such as domestic housing, commercial offices, hotels, hospitals, and schools. Wherever security is an issue, T&S offers solutions with technical and functional features that meet a variety of requirements.

T & S: Trust & Service

Our mission is to ensure that the customer receives a 100% professional service at a reasonable cost. When it comes to security systems, quality and customer satisfaction are our number one priority.